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This website serves as a platform to share our experiences and views with you and what UniSearch as community development and research consultants can do to give you scientifically based information for proper decision-making needs. After all, our decisions are only as good as the information it is based upon. The ground-breaking Basic Need theory underlies the our Community Index (C-Index) and Priority Index (P-Index) technology specifically designed to assist community development practitioners and local authorities with their integrated development processes. The C-Index and P-Index is widely used and internationally recognised. He also developed the Baseline Impact Intervention Monitor (BIIM), an instrument used to monitor and evaluate the impact of development projects on target communities, and the human Water Contact Profile (WCP) that profiles human physical contact with water during in a community using the 24 hour recall cycle technique. Do not hesitate to make contact with us to exchange some views or request our services, which include the assessment of basic needs in any community/targeted interest group, community development project consulting, social impact assessments (SIA), as well as research methodology and questionnaire development consulting. We pride ourselves with out of the box thinking infused with more than 40 years of multi-disciplinary research experience.

See our latest article published on the Basic Need theory for Community Development practitioners.

Community development has been hijacked. Author: De Wet Schutte

Community Development Journal, bsaa050. Published: 21 October 2020.


We also published a manual on how to apply the Basic Need theory in plactice.

Identifying bommunity needs. Laying the foundation for successful community development projects.